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Amalgamated Metal Trading – Experts in Metal Derivatives

Amalgamated Metal Trading is a metal derivatives broker and dealer, delivering trading solutions to businesses, funds, and financial institutions globally. We provide access to base and ferrous metal contracts on the London Metal Exchange (LME), copper on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE), and precious metals OTC. At the heart of our business is a culture of building enduring relationships with our clients with investment in their long-term success.

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Expert Broker and Dealer in Metal Derivatives

AMT has traded metal derivatives for over a century. Our clients benefit from our team’s many decades of combined experience trading metal futures and options. Additionally, as an AMC Group company, we are proud to maintain strong links with the physical metals industry.

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Guiding Clients on Their Journey from Trade Strategy Formation to Trade Execution

AMT provides a comprehensive end-to-end trading service. This includes competitive dual-capacity execution services across the LME Ring, electronic and inter-office markets. We are looking to offer arbitrage trading capabilities across LME, COMEX and INE exchanges in the near future. In addition, AMT clients have access to unique market insights, online tools and extensive post-trade support.

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Custom Solutions for Physical Hedgers, Funds and Financial Institutions of all Sizes Globally

AMT works globally with companies of all sizes, from small scrap dealers to large international financial institutions. We provide a multilingual service from offices in London, Shanghai and Singapore. Our solutions are tailored to clients utilising metal derivatives for hedging or investment purposes.

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Providing a Range of Support Tools To Augment Our Core Trading Service

AMT provides a comprehensive array of tools to augment our core trading service. This includes online electronic trading and market intelligence platforms to enhance client trading capabilities and decision-making. Clients can use our secure online platform to access and review live data on their trading and account activities.

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