Support Tools

Support Tools for Easy Trade and Account Monitoring

AMT provides comprehensive back-office tools to support and augment the trading activities we conduct on our client’s behalf.  This includes ensuring accurate, up-to-date account and trade information is made easily accessible to our clients.


MyAMT is a real-time online reporting service that allows clients’ access to trade and account information. Trade data can be exported at the touch of a button to clients’ own systems. Available on any device with web access.

Existing clients can access MyAMT through our secure external portal:

Comprehensive Suite of Reports

AMT offers clients bespoke reports at the end of each day by email. AMT are constantly looking to enhance their reporting suite to clients, ensuring all new developments and requirements in the market are reflected in our client offering.

Delegated Service Offering

For certain regulatory reporting responsibilities, AMT are able to offer this service to report on a client’s behalf. AMT can also assist clients who wish to register their brands with the LME

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