New York: COMEX

For market participants looking to gain price exposure to COMEX (part of CME Group) exchange contracts, AMT provides broking services for copper and steel futures and calendar spreads. We also provide an active copper arbitrage service against the LME or INE.

Copper is traded as a monthly contract with the optionality to settle physically. Steel futures are cash-settled against industry-accepted indexed pricing provided by Price Reporting Agencies (PRAs).

COMEX Contracts We Offer

Base Metals


Ferrous Metals


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Experienced staff

Clients can rely on the specialist advice and efficient execution service of our specialist COMEX copper futures and arbitrage dealer, who has over a decade of experience trading copper on the exchange and across arbitrage markets. Our Head of Ferrous Trading previously worked at CME and was responsible for research, development and launch of some of its current base metal and steel contracts.

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