Trading Tools

AMT Market Intelligence Hub

The AMT Market Intelligence Hub is a user-friendly interactive data visualisation platform providing our clients with easy access to relevant metals market data. The Hub also hosts AMT’s weekly market commentary reviewing financial and physical market developments for each base metal and the global economy. The Hub is hosted through PowerBi, meaning it can be accessed anywhere via an internet browser through any device.

Access links for the Hub are distributed weekly to clients directly via email. Existing clients can contact and request addition to the distribution list via their account executive.

API Tools

Direct Electronic Access and API Tools

AMT continues to assess and enhance its Direct Market Access (DEA) platforms to our customers.

AMT currently offers 4 separate providers, each delivering a blend of functionality and execution, to suit a range of budgets.

  • Trading Technologies
  • ATP
  • CQG

For those clients with their own GUI, we offer ATP and CQG API connectivity to LME markets.